Summer Programs

Wharton School

 Future of the Business World

I was privileged to be selected for the Future of the Business World Summer Program where I spent my time learning and researching about various topics under the umbrella of Product Designing, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Target Market features. It sparked personal and intellectual growth, innovative thinking and skills of people management and coordination.

Working with a diverse group of students, two of my main projects were: 1. Devising a lunch management plan for University of Pennsylvania students 2. Presenting a detailed pitch about a start-up- we chose “FitRest” a way to avoid the side-effects of high screen time in a fun and healthy way!

Here is a link to my pitch


 AEM 2350- Developmental Economics

This undergraduate college credit course was centred around developmental economics. I successfully completed this course with a perfect GPA of 4.0.

This course was a survey of the field of development economics, with an eye to theory, empirical research, and policy. It explored the application of economics to understanding the causes and consequences of poverty around the world, and poverty alleviation. It allowed me to put my knowledge of macro and micro economics to use. I independently researched the economies of several countries with a special focus on India. Working with different groups to prepare projects was a refreshing experience. Analysing situations and discussions allowed me to learn about both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Economics.