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Glimpse of my Work...

Here are some of the poems I have written. To read more, check it out on Amazon or a bookstore near you (link to amazon):


Have you ever stepped out in the New York City at night? 

The charm, the energy and the street lights shining so bright. 

The people are roaming and still in sight, 

And the light of Empire State shining at such a height. 

The red and black aura of Times Square with fast food’s delight, 

And by the yum food your taste buds are bound to excite, 

The people are wearing hoodies with comfy tights. 

And chills will run down while witnessing a street fight. 

This city never sleeps which is its highlight, 

And the opportunities here are infinite. 

The city is a concrete citadel but you’ll be alright,

And if you haven’t been there already, then please do visit New York City at night. 



Critics will scrutinise your actions, 

Despite how hard you try.

You need to be a strong force to reckon with, 

And be courageous to give them a befitting reply.

 Critics will criticise your decisions,

And will find a fault in every step you take. 

You need to stand like an indestructible wall, 

And make them realise that your dreams are too strong for them to break.

 Critics will question your ideals and thoughts, 

Even when it is obvious that you’re right.

But senseless criticism should not deter you in any aspect,

Because you will ultimately win the fight.

Critics will try to hold you back,

And do everything possible to bring you down.

Their harsh words can pierce you like an arrow,

But can never turn your smile into a frown.

Critics are a part and parcel of life,

And without falling down you will not learn.

The more setbacks you are made to face,

The stronger you will return


Such weird times have come, 

When from each other we stay away. 

When ironically, we cover our mouth,

Whether or not we have something to say. 

We try to avoid a handshake or a hug, 

Which was once the symbol of peace. 

Now only by staying home, 

The number of people falling sick can decrease. 

When vehicles have been halted, 

And no one’s on the street. 

When it’s only on zoom calls now, 

Where everyone meets and greets. 

When life has become abnormal, 

And humans aren’t free to roam. 

When going out is banned, 

And the only place to travel to is the kitchen in your home. 

When you get super bored, 

But have to stay within four walls all day. 

When every thought, wish and chant, 

Includes the phrase ‘corona go away’. 

In these strange times, 

It’s so hard to stay positive and keep calm. 

Look at the bright side, 

And imagine the world in your palm 

When with one click you get all updates and news, 

When, to avoid some boring meeting 

You can easily make an excuse. 

When audio-video off, 

Have become the new way to bunk a class. 

When exams are being cancelled, 

No tension of how you’ll pass.

 When watching movies doesn’t need that whole dress up, 

Because Netflix party is there. 

And for school, no efforts necessary, 

You don’t have to braid or cut your hair. 

When the food and drinks are just a few steps away. 

When you can avoid the dusty travel. 

And take extra time for sleep during the day. 

So, although sometimes we get bored, 

And want this to soon end. 

Just remember, every workday is also a holiday, 

But soon you’ll be the one to crave a weekend.


Your smile can make someone’s day, 

A compliment a day keeps the sorrow away. 

If you don’t know their story, 

Then please don’t be rude. 

Just one sentence can make, 

Or spoil someone’s full day’s mood. 

Being kind is free, 

And yet others choose to pay the price to be mean. 

Worldly things do not define you, 

It is your kindness which is seen. 

Your actions show who you are, 

And how you have grown. 

Neither water nor fire, 

It is kindness which can melt a heart of stone. 

When you lift other’s spirits, despite feeling low, 

You are the best person of all. 

So try to be kind to everyone, 

Because everyone’s life has successes and falls. 

Be the adult you needed in your life, 

When you were a little kid. 

Be the rare quality of goodness in this world, 

Because neither selfishness nor kindness, 

For long can be hid. 

It doesn’t take a lot to be good, 

And yet some people fail in life’s test. 

Because all they do is think about themselves, 

And not care about the rest. 

Live for humanity and perform good deeds, 

Even when no one sees. 

Ethics and humility are a way of life, 

Don’t forget to say sorry, thank you and please. 

Goodness’ street is never crowded, 

So do walk with compassion the extra mile 

Clothes, shoes and accessories change, 

But kindness doesn’t go out of style.