What I have Done...


— Internship at Quantela

I completed a two-week internship with Quantela in December 2020. As an intern, I got the opportunity to work on a project for the municipal corporation of Mumbai who was preparing an online platform for the authorities of Maharashtra to store and analyze COVID data. 

I examined various KPIs and understood the different aspects of the platform. I attended various meetings to discuss data collection, insertion and use to draw conclusions which would help in deciding the next steps. I visited their office and prepared a project report with suggestions on the design and methods to effectively analyze the collected data.


— Community Service

I am a regular teenager who dreams and aspires for success. But in this journey to my destination, I remember to value all that I have and all those who have supported me. Community service has been something I have not been doing for credit or certificates, rather out of the upbringing I have received and the values that have been instilled in me.

The family upbringing taught me to keep supporting people around me. When I travelled to Kolkata in March 2021 to appear for SAT, I found out that my old driver required Rs. 50,000 to repair his house destroyed by a cyclone. So, I stepped up to assist him by donating the profit I had earned by trading in the capital market. Similarly, I bought my house-help’s son a smartphone so that he could continue online education without hindrance during the lockdown in 2020.

Self-discovery is the highest form of satisfaction but in the pandemonium of teenage I haven’t reached that stage yet. One thing I have realised is that smile is contagious and so is kindness. Privileged people always have something to offer which someone needs. So, I try to go out, offer what I have because materialistic things are the success of one person but compassion and kindness is the success of humanity as a whole.

—A. No Child Sleeps Hungry (2015-2021):

The first time I served the community in its true sense as I recall was when I visited my golf coach’s foundation “No Child Sleeps Hungry” in Kolkata and interacted with the underprivileged children there in 2015. Since then, it became a routine for me to meet them and teach them, not for a reward or recognition, but for the simple joy of interaction and mutual learning.

Although I shifted to Mumbai later in 2018, these interactions were formative in shaping my character and I did not lose touch with the foundation. I taught children regularly and also raised fund for the organization. I conducted webinars on financial literacy and prepared online learning resources in 2021 summer.


—B. Interact Club

When I shifted to Mumbai in 2018, I joined the Interact Club in my school. I used to teach children in Mumbai every week and thoroughly enjoyed my time doing so. It was a two-way process which included mutual learning and sharing.I also became a part of several initiatives and fund-raising marathons which were happening around me. 

Some of these included:

Tata TMM Heal (Jan 2019): I personally raised about Rs. 60,000 through digital platform and donated it to HEAL which deals with issues of child abuse. I also ran a 7 km marathon to support this initiative. 

Light of Life Trust (Sept 19- Jan 20)- I raised around ₹75,000 and ran the TMM Mumbai Marathon to support the Light of Life Trust which works towards providing underprivileged children a good education and bright future.


This was the website via which I raised funds both years.

When I was appointed the Secretary of the Interact Club in 2021, along with the President, we initiated several activities to connect with our external community- the NGOs and also promoted internal- community bonding. 

  • Our first initiative was the Cathedral Community Magazine “Yours Soulfully” to bridge the disconnect within the community and promote bonding. 
  • The next initiative we spearheaded was the Pre-Loved Clothes drive across senior school. 

The initiative started as a means of getting the celebrity’s closet available to the world. They would launder the clothes, salvage some pieces, and make these clothes available to the masses. An early vision of the rapidly growing ‘thrift’ projects we now so commonly encounter; this clothes drive aims at sustainability and the reuse of pre-loved clothes over manufactured ones. Their team joined hands with Cathedral in this project of awareness.

  • I also spearheaded the crowd-funding for Light of Life Trust