Hello, my name is

Nehal Sanghai

About me

I am in pursuit of all-round development and growth.

I love writing poems or occasionally painting- both of which are a form of catharsis for me. But, analysing Capital Market graphs presented on Stock Edge or increasing my knowledge in technology leaves me with the same satisfaction.

Whether it is embarking on a demanding journey of self-love by changing my lifestyle, simply improving my cooking skills or completing 20 more jumping jacks than the last time, I try to be a better version of myself every day. I believe that regardless of the place, people, situation or time, the one thing which will always remain constant is my drive and perseverance to keep learning, sharing and improving.

My Experience


WHARTON SCHOOL- FUTURE OF THE BUSINESS WORLD I was privileged to be selected for the Future of the Business World Summer Program where I spent hours every day learning and researching about various topics under the umbrella of Product Designing, Finance, and Target Market features. I got the opportunity to work with a pool of students from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. We were assigned an hour or two of reading before every day’s session. We worked together on several projects like the Lunch at Penn project, BlueSky simulation, brainstormed ideas for a start up to solve a common every day problem, back and forth feedback and interviewing and also prepared a detailed pitch to present on the final day. It sparked personal and intellectual growth, innovative thinking and skills of people management and coordination. Attending this program further strengthened my passion for the subject and fuelled my desire to follow my dream.


Akaansha: I spearheaded the SUPW activity for my class 12 A in 2021. I centralised the collection and transfer of all the learning resources which my classmates prepared for the organization Akaansha. I was coordinating with my classmates, my class teacher and the Foundation to ensure organisation and efficiency. Live to Give : In 2020, along with a few classmates, I took the initiative to fund raise ₹ 72,000 by various activities like online games night, bake sale, etc. we donated it to the NGO Live to Give. We were able to empower several widowed women by helping them purchase a sewing machine and other necessities to earn their own livelihood and live life on independent terms. Received appreciation from the Class teacher for taking this initiative and leadership.